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Tubular, Cartridge, Flanged, Teflon, Over-the-side, IR, furnace & oven heater.

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Electric Oven

Operating temp from 30-750C with air circulation, large capacity & heavy load.

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Operating temp from 100-1250C with silicon carbide trays.

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Controls & Instrumentations

Temp Controllers, Heater regulators (SSR/SCR), sensors (Type J/K/R/S), control panel design, chart recorder.

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Aerospace composite materials, Oil & Gas, general manufacturing, chemical plant, material processing & Marine.

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Repair insulation, replace heaters, door seals, oven modifications, provide yearly preventive maintenance.

Services & Solutions

Yearly Preventive Maintenance for your existing Oven

Inspection and Repair Service for Oven

Calibration and Temperature Uniformity Test Service by Singlas Lab

Upgrade heater and change door seal and insulation

Improve temperature uniformity and current heating system

Control Panel Design and Wiring

A Leading Oven, Heater and Furnace Manufacturer from Singapore

Your business demands the highest degree of precision from your machinery, so you should demand the highest standards from your equipment suppliers such as heating equipment manufacturer. Jin Gang or heating equipment manufacturer is one of the oldest suppliers and trusted names in the industry in Singapore.

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