About Us

Jin Gang Industrial Heating Equipment Designer aims to be a leading industrial heating equipment designer and manufacturer of industrial electric heaters, ovens, furnaces, and heating equipment.

Built with industrial usage in mind, and designed with the tightest temperature tolerances

Our heat treatment furnaces and curing ovens are relied upon every day by manufacturers in Singapore, and throughout the neighbouring region.Our industrial furnaces and ovens are a dependable solution for a variety of industry sectors.

Industrial Heating Equipment Designer
Industrial heaters supporting local and international business
Getting the right industrial heaters can make the difference between a productive, smoothly operating workspace, and a business plagued by high electricity bills, frequent work stoppages, and inconsistent products. Amidst rising operation costs and an increasingly competitive market, we understand the need for energy-efficiency in every aspect of what you do. The values of efficiency, minimised maintenance, and durability underpin each and every design we manufacture. Our comprehensive range of solutions provides real diversity for business owners looking to equip their company with the very best at every level. Browse our website today and discover a high quality electrical heating solution for every application and every industry.
Work with a heat treatment furnace manufacturer with 40 years of experience

For four decades, Jin Gang has been supplying local and regional businesses with the heating equipment they need to succeed in their field. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and dedication to customer service, ensuring that your needs are precisely met. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that meets your requirements and your budget.For more information on our product range, or to enquire about placing an order, please get in touch with us. You can contact our office at +65-6756-1800, or send us a message via our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Purpose
To add value to customer manufacturing processes through our engineering expertise and experience.
Our Values

We strive to be honest and transparent, always learning to solve new problems, improving our expertise and offerings in line with the latest developments, responsive to customer requests, respectful of everyone, and committed to providing a quality product and service.

Industrial Heating Equipment Designer