About Us

Jin Gang aims to be the best-in-class industrial equipment designer and manufacturer of industrial electric heaters, ovens, furnaces and heating equipment. We provide our customers with thermal expertise for various applications, including customized heating requirements and specialized requirements from other industries, such as aerospace, oil & gas, and drum heating. We work in collaboration with our customers to optimize thermal performance, decrease design time, and improve the efficiency of their products and applications.

…….“Exceeding our customers’ expectations has always been, and will always be, critical to our continued success!”

Our purpose: To add value to customer manufacturing processes through our engineering expertise and experience.

Our values: We are honest and transparent, always learning to solve new problems, improving our expertise and offerings in line with the latest developments, responsive to customer requests, respectful of everyone, and committed to providing a quality service.

History: Since 1979, we have been providing local customers with professional manufacturing services for heater products. In a span of over 40 years, we have added industrial ovens, furnaces, and various heating equipment to our product portfolios. As we continue to grow in our product capability and market experience, our commitment to the customer remains the same – to provide superior products and services for their heating process needs.