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Aerospace Composite Materials Curing Oven

Composite materials are becoming the material of choice for industries such as aerospace and industrial construction. Carbon fiber composites provide an exceptionally strong and lightweight material needed for reduced energy consumption and durability.

Jin Gang provides an out-of-autoclave solution to the composite curing process. Our composite curing ovens provide uni-flow airflow which delivers heated air from both sides of the chamber for uniform operating temperatures. The ovens can be custom designed for an airflow that is best suited to provide the fastest, most uniform heat-up time for any product.

We also offer complete vacuum bagging systems with vacuum ports. Jack panels allow connection to as many thermocouples as needed for monitoring the curing process. Mold preparation, including preheating, drying, and cleaning processes can also be provided.

A control system is available to fully control your vacuum bagging process. A Chartless recorder software package is utilized to record all the necessary information relating to your thermocouples, vacuum transducers, temperatures, Hi-limits alarm, user access restriction and all related alarm can be added in for your oven control system. This system allows full control and ensures parts are reliable and cured to specification.