Walk-In Oven (30-850C)

Our industrial oven are built for continues duty. The performance is “enhanced” by adding additional heat capacity and larger airflow circulation fans. Additionally, all our ovens guarantee a temperature uniformity of +/- 5°C. All unit comes complete with a one year warranty and is fully assembled, wired, and tested prior to shipment. Our ovens are manufactured to meet the requirements of NFPA 86, the international standard for ovens.



Operating Temperature 
50°C to 850°C

Heating Medium
Electric, low watt density Incoloy heaters provide years of trouble free service.  Heater bank are installed in high air flow ducting to maximize heat transfer and temperature uniformity.

Airflow Pattern
Dual (Combination) Airflow: Hot air is supplied from both of the side walls and returned through a top plenum. Horizontal (left to right) design is also available.

Input Voltage
Standard: 415V/3 Phase /50Hz

Control System
Our standard control package includes a single set-point temperature controller and additional safety cut-off/over-limit controller. Circulation fan/exhaust fan  and heaters are electrically interlocked for safety to protect the heaters. All controls are housed in a IP65 enclosure. Controls are wired to SS638 Code of Practice for Electrical Installation standards.

Temperature Audit/Calibration: Third party Singlas certifications available for temperature controller/sensor calibration and 9 points temperature uniformity test.

Door Limit Switch
Disables heater when oven door is opened.
Batch Timer
Adjustable up to 999 hrs., includes illuminated display to indicate timer operation and audible alarm when time has expired.
Ramp/ Soak Controller
Programmable ramp/ soak temperature controller with capability to store different up to 99 programs with multiple segments.
Chart Recorder
Single channel/Multiple channels paperless chart recorder for continuous monitoring of temperature data. Comes with Type “K” thermocouple input. Allows downloading of digital data files through USB or Ethernet connection. Data can also be viewed on a full color display or on a web server when connected to a network.
Thermocouple Jacks : Thermocouple jack panel for high-temperature Type “J” thermocouples, located inside the oven. Includes wiring to data logger if purchased.

Available Sizes

Pls consult factory to let us know your oven size requirements.

Construction Features

Standard oven construction includes a 1.5mmt eletro-galvanized steel interior with a 1.5mmt eletro-galvanized steel exterior. Heat loss is minimized by a unique wall design featuring a welded inner shell and a completely isolated outer frame and covers.

Heavy-duty doors on an isolated door frame minimize heat loss. Silicon door seals create a tight seal for efficient heating. Standard doors are single swing or double swing doors.
     Standard Options:

  • Vertical lift door
  • Door windows for viewing


Standard ovens include a 5mmT steel plate floor.
     Standard Options:

  • 12mm plate floor with 1 pair inverted angle track
  • 12mm plate floor with 1 pair 150mm wide wheel guides
  • Insulated
  • Insulated with 1 pair inverted angle track
  • Insulated with 1 pair 150mm wide wheel guides
  • No floor


  • Curing
  • Composite Curing
  • Paint Drying
  • Drying
  • Pre-heat/Pre-bake
  • Heat treatment
  • Adhesive Curing
  • Post Cure
  • Testing

Industry Standards

Our industrial ovens are designed and manufactured to industry standards. If there is a specific industry standard that you require for your process heating application, please contact our engineers.