Thermocouples are best suited for high temperature. The fiberglass-insulated thermocouples are capable of temperature up to 480°C for continuous operation. We provide grounded, ungrounded and exposed junction’s type.

Customer ordering: Pls provide the followings:

  • A Dimensioned Sketch
  • Select Thermocouple Type: Type J, K, R, S, PT-100
  • Junction: Grounded, Ungrounded, And Exposed.
  • Shealth Material: SS316 or Incoloy
  • Wire Type: Fiberglass(500°C), Teflon (260°C) , PVC(105°C).

Thermocouple Sensors Types :

  • Type K (95-1260°C)
  • Type J (95-760°C)
  • Type S (980-1450°C)