Multi-Level Drum Heating Cabinets

Multi-Level Drum Heating Cabinets allow for optimal use of floor space, making it the ideal solution in a crowded plant. These multi-level hot boxes are built with an insulated base and spill containment sump. On the second tier of the multi-level configuration, weight is distributed through structural shelves with solid steel grating and a rugged beam skid base. Drum Heating Cabinets feature top-mounted lifting eyes for easy installation.

Metals & Alloys:

Ovens and furnaces are used for annealing and hardening copper, steel, aluminum and titanium parts. Jin Gang is a proven supplier of solution heat treat furnace systems. These furnace systems are designed for heat treating large batches of metal parts.

Equipment Manufacturing:

Equipment manufacturers require heat treating equipment for a wide variety of applications. Ovens are used for curing painted finishes, drying solvents and water, annealing plastics and metals and stress testing components. Whether an application requires batch or continuous processing, we offers the highest quality ovens and furnaces with superior temperature uniformity and the durability to withstand the rigors of an industrial manufacturing environment. Jin Gang has a wealth of experience designing custom ovens and furnaces to suit the unique requirements of our customers.

Other general applications.

Jin Gang manufactures a variety of ovens for heat treating materials. Common applications include:

  • Annealing – Removes stresses and increases material strength
  • Curing – Helps materials to cross-link and retain defect-free characteristics
  • Drying – Provides a faster liquid removal from the material
  • Hardening – Increases the strength of the material for better resistance to wear

Material Testing using Lab Oven:

Material Testing: SNOL Oven provides laboratory ovens for testing and analyzing materials such as asphalt, polymers, composites, paint and other coatings. Testing is used to define material characteristics, detecting defects and failure susceptibility. SNOL ovens are highly uniform and repeatable with extremely tight temperature tolerances for consistent testing. For simple applications such as heating soil and asphalt samples prior to quality testing the LBB forced convection oven, with it’s fast heat-up rates and short processing times, is a popular choice. For more sophisticated testing, choose an oven with the microprocessor based Protocol 3TM controller. It provides simple and flexible operation and can be paired with monitoring and data logging software for detailed reporting of oven process data.