Jin Gang has supplied a wide range of industrial hot air blowers to customers in Singapore for more than three decades. Our hot air blowers are suitable for usage in a variety of circumstances requiring direct application of heated air onto a target surface, which makes them essential equipment in the process heating operations of a number of industries in Singapore. We design and manufacture hot air blowers according to the needs and requirements of our customers, and can customise them upon request to meet more specific requirements as and when necessary.

Our hot air blowers are designed to be integrated into open-looped and closer-looped industrial process control systems, as well as used as a stand-alone piece of equipment. Some of the applications that a hot air blower can be used for includes heating, baking, warming and drying. In addition, it can be used to dehydrate equipment, and keep moisture-sensitive equipment such as oil pipes dry. They are also integral to applications such as silicone and platinum coating in various industries, such as the paper production and adhesive coating industries. Make an appointment with our experts, and let them help you choose the hot air blower that is most suitable for your enterprise today.

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