At Jin Gang, we design and manufacture a range of duct heaters for both the industrial as well as the commercial HVAC markets in Singapore. Our duct heaters are the solution of choice for a wide range of applications, such as space heating, primary heating, variable air volume heating etc. Our expert consultants can recommend the most suitable type of element layout for our customers’ needs, and we are able to customise our duct heaters to the most exact specifications, using the most suitable materials as well as element size combinations best suited to their requirements.

Jin Gang offers duct heaters in various elements such as standard round Incoloy, stainless steel, finned, or open spiral depending on the output that is specified by the customer. They are especially useful for applications such as make-up air heating, pre-heating, terminal reheating and multi-zone reheating, amongst many other uses. We can also modify our present range of designs to ensure that the duct heaters we deliver can be easily installed in a customer’s facility or asset, whatever the available space and temperature requirements may be. Make an appointment with our consultants today, and let us help you figure out the optimal solution for your needs.

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