An Experienced Curing Oven Manufacturer In Singapore

Jin Gang is one of the city’s top manufacturers of curing ovens, and has supplied various industries with specially-designed industrial units for their needs for almost four decades. They are the thermal equipment of choice for curing a wide variety of composite materials, and are especially suited for use in the aerospace as well as automotive industries.

Our industrial ovens come with temperature controls and the necessary safety features, and are designed to ensure an even heat distribution over its contents, so that the curing process will be undertaken thoroughly and perfectly each and every time. Precision and build quality lie at the heart of our corporate philosophy. Available in a range of sizes, each unit has been carefully constructed to provide the tightest temperature tolerance and the greatest longevity for your business.

Why Jin Gang Electric?

As a curing oven manufacturer, we are able to offer curing ovens of various sizes, and can custom-built them to fit within the available space in your facility. We can offer ovens that are gas-fired, indirect gas-fired, or even electrically-heated, so as to best suit the intended application.

In addition, we can adjust the maximum temperature of our ovens, such that they will cure your composite materials at the necessary heat level and no more, or no less. We can also design our units for easy installation, as well as maintenance. Make an appointment with our experts today, and let us help you select the right model for your enterprise.

An experienced furnace and curing oven manufacturer

With nearly 40 years of experience as a heating products manufacturer, you can rely on our company to provide solutions that help your business grow and develop. Whether building furnaces or electric heaters, we work closely with each individual client to find out how our engineering expertise can best be put to use. We believe in creating bespoke solutions where necessary to ensure optimum efficiency and efficacy.

Contact our team today to discuss your needs and to discover how Jin Gang Electric can help. Call our office on 65-6756 1800 or send us a message via our contact page.

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